Through the use of the platinum chip, the Courier may upgrade the Securitrons of Mr. House or Yes Man at The Fort and around the New Vegas Strip to the Mark II operating system. once you go back to the penthouse they will all be neutral again reward I'll refrain from spoiling anything beyond this. If you plan on taking over The Strip yourself (with the help of Benny's bot, Yes Man), kill him AFTER you activate the underground army of Securitrons. Quest chain You will find Mr. House's life support chamber inside a control room. So is there a way for any pro NCR use of the securitrons after overthrowing Mr. House? You go to the casino of where he is then you access this terminal on the wall right by the tv where the robots are then that opens this door next to it then some robots try to kill you but if you kill them i am not positive but one of them might have a key but if not go to the elevator then walk forward a few feet and there is another terminal there acsess it then it opens this container of which Mr. House is in then you can talk to him and/or just shoot him but you might want to save your game before that just in case killing him without talking to him messes up the quest. If the robots were not hostile they will be now and there are two more behind the wall! © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Caesar will assume that the rumbling of the army activating was whatever the Courier used to destroy it. +750 XP (Installing Securitron program) or 500 XP (Destroying reactor modules) Kill them. Wild Card: Finishing Touches Leads to You will find Mr. House's life support chamber inside a control room. But I killed Benny and found YES MAN. This is going to be great! once your at lucky 38 talk to him or the quest wont update. How do i kill mr house's securitron. Mr. House lives in an impenetrable fortress guarded by an army of robots and turrets located in the middle of a walled city protected by his personal army of gangsters and even more robots. when killing MR. house the securitrons do not attack you and the only way to kill MR. house is as easy as accessing a series of computers and no hacking is required. If the Courier agrees to "destroy" House's securitron army, they will get their weapons and aid items back inside the weather station, these will be retaken once one is out. Previous quest If you want his suit or his gun Maria, just kill him tied up or fight in the arena. Not sure where that one is though. Yes Man ending: Yes Man has you kill Mr. House and uses Mr. House's Securitrons to fight off both the NCR and the Legion. It is exceedingly difficult to secure an independent Vegas without a proper army. ), in my opinion, if only because it keeps you from having to deal with a hostile Mr. House for a little while longer. It can be found up the stairs in the hallway farthest west. Will I be able to Kill Mr. House after finihsing all of his quests? Cannibalism is a deal-breaker for House. The Fort The Legion and NCR, respectively, will want him out of the picture much sooner. Close. Proceed. Long answer: In my playthrough, my courier was convinced by Mr House in the beginning so I delivered the platinum chip and upgraded the securitrons, and switched sides later. Robert Edwin House, simply better known as Mr. House, isthe self-styled President, CEO, and Sole Proprietor of the New Vegas Strip in the Mojave Wasteland in the year 2281 and one of the main antagonists (alongside Caesar) of Fallout: New Vegas. Wild Card: You and What Army? After the Securitron upgrades, go nuts and kill/disable house! Regardless of the method used, the modules will be destroyed, completing the mission but severely impacting a independent New Vegas ending . 0 0. wilmore. Go into the Lucky 38 casino, go to the penthouse, use either 75 science, a Lucky 38 casino VIP keycard obtained in the H&H Tool Factory or in Chief Hanlon's desk in his office inside the main buiding at Camp Golf, or the Platinum Chip to access the terminal and open the hidden door (Robots will turn hostile when you do this). Go to Lucky 38 Casino. After the NCR has been dealt with, Mr. House - in a Securitron - will wheel up and heap praise upon you. that you got at the Silver Rush. Next, go to the Lucky 38 Casino and take the elevator to the Penthouse. The NCR, Mr. House, and Caesar's Legion are battling it out for control of New Vegas. Facing the computer screen, go left under the stairs and open the hidden door. if you do ALL the yes man quests you will have mk2 securitrons, including the optional one under the fort. A big decision awaits The Securitrons Mk II help in the long run. For reporting back to Mr. House after activating the Securitrons: 500 XP: ... Be sure to report back to Mr. House after learning about the Omerta plot and dealing with Clanden and Troike, but before you kill Big Sal and Nero. The guy who was abusing women was put in place by his own. ... - After upgrading the Securitrons during the Main Quest, you may notice that the Securitron Gatekeeper at the Strip North Gate still have the Police screen. NCRHouseAlliance - posted in New Vegas Mod Requests: At one point in the main quest For the Republic, Part 2, Colonel Moore, possibly alarmed at the recent upgrade of Securitrons on the Strip, tells the Courier to kill Mr. House or otherwise take him out of the picture. Close. Then, activate the final terminal and open the chamber. He's probably the most well defended man in the Mojave apart from maybe Caesar. How do i kill mr house's securitron. If you're okay with taking Yes-Man's path, you can basically wait until the very end to kill Mr. House. Insert Platinum Chip into computer terminal to the right of Mr. House's Console. How do i kill mr house's securitron. Afterwards, report to Yes Man, Mr. House, or Caesar. At least not as the only option. Then wait a few seconds and the chamber holding Mr. House will open. If you accept/complete a quest from the Securitron House, the normal House’s dialogue will reflect that and vice versa. >> A man that would gladly see billions die if it benefited him in anyway at all. Go to the elevator and power up the elevator using the terminal to the right of it. I have a few cut content mods, one of which restores a lot of cut dialogue, and oddly enough I've noticed NPCs saying this from time to time even though House is dead: "I can't believe House sold out Vegas to the NCR! VMQYesMan01a This means that any weapons or aid can be stored in a container within the weather station before this dialog, then grabbed before exiting the building with no combat or consequences. Favorite Answer when killing MR. house the securitrons do not attack you and the only way to kill MR. house is as easy as accessing a series of … You'll reach a giant TV with an image of Mr. House. The bunker is inside the weather monitoring station at the Fort. If you've chosen deactivation of the implant, you won't get negative reputation. Take an elevator and go down to the [ Mr. House's chamber ]. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. form id ... - After upgrading the Securitrons during the Main Quest, you may notice that the Securitron Gatekeeper at the Strip North Gate still have the Police screen. editor id Currently doing 'things that go boom'. This is intentional as I think it is a better fit for its role, the four Securitrons next to it have switched to the Infantry screen though. Wild Card: You and What Army? Traverse the securitron vault and enter the door labeled "SYSTEMS ROOM." Talk to Mr. House or not but facing his big tv screen go left all the way until you hit a wall which will have a terminal you can log in to that will slide open the wall right next to it opening up a hidden area. 3. But I killed Benny and found YES MAN. So i need to kill mr houses securitron in order to kill him. Lv 4. When the robots are dead you can find another elevator that you turn on with another terminal nearby. This Army¶ You’ll appear at Hoover Dam, where the Legion and the NCR will be fighting it out. This is considered the best ending. First, have the Platinum Chip plus lots of Med-X, Psycho, Pulse Grenades OR Pulse gun (sweet!) (Unless you look the other way) Murderers are dealt with by the Securitrons. Both will dislike you a bit but won't hate you. Main Quest: Wild Card: You and What Army? Securitrons in the Mojave Wasteland are the hands and eyes of Mr. House. In New Vegas, I've already upgraded all of Mr. House's securitrons. Also, if I kill Mr. House, who takes over the securitrons? Destroying the securitrons and then siding with Yes Man effectively deprives the Courier of their own army, and siding with either the NCR or Caesar requires Mr. House's death, making the securitron army redundant at that point. If the Courier is going to establish an Independent Vegas with the help of Yes Man, some people will need to be fired, namely CEO Robert House. I think he'd probably move the chairmen into the Lucky 38, and secure their spot as the Top Family on the strip. Activate it using the terminal and you'll have a few choices: kill Mr. House; sterilize life support chamber; deactivate the cerebral implant. If you've chosen the deactivation of the implant, you won't get negative reputation. User Info: MilpitasGuy. Or destroy them by overloading the reactors. I want to finish render unto caesar and i dont know how to kill him? Source(s): Fallout New Vegas. if you have a sneak skill (and a stealth boy wouldn't hurt) you don't have to do all that fighting unless you want to. If i kill a person from the brotherhood of steel will they stop trying to kill me after 24 hours away from them? So, I got the wild card quests as well as the house always win quests in my log - have not done them yet. However soon as i go to the penthouse i get killed .-. Mr. House Securitron is now affected. I'm going to help. Source(s): When I played through, I had the Legion breathing down my neck so I gave in to destroying House's underground bunker. If you’re still on good terms with… Insert the platinum chip into the securitron operations console. 4 years ago. This issed me of to, Go to the lucky 38. and go to the mr house computer and if you killed all the robots there there should be red ticks on ur compass its not up stairs its down go to the left by the computer terminal and it says unlock door and Unothorized personal something disengage the lock and there will be 2 robots there kill them and there will be a nother computer there use that and unlock the door. One can also circumvent this by assassinating the door guards on the inside without initiating the dialogue, so long as they are not detected, which will allow the player to carry their weapons back to Caesar's Tent. Ultimately, you can either keep the chip for yourself and use it to take over Vegas(I believe this option is the Wild Card quest) or you can help Mr. House (The house always wins). To gain access, Caesar will give the player character an optional part of the quest, which is to find the bunker and destroy it. If the player character wants to work with the NCR but has worked with Yes Man for too long. 5. (Optional) Destroy the Securitron army by overloading the bunker's reactors. After this, hand him Mr. House’s surrender terms and pass a [Barter 75] then a [Barter 100] check or a [Speech 100] check to avoid a fight… or just kill them all, if you must. given by So, I got the wild card quests as well as the house always win quests in my log - have not done them yet. Posted by 1 year ago. WIth the NCR it doesn't matter at all (for the most part). Will activating securitron army force me to choose Mr. House or myself - posted in New Vegas Spoilers: I want a pro-NCR ending. Like all robots, Securitrons cannot be pick-pocketed, and attempting to do so will just trigger the Securitron to say one of their quotes. Any tips? Everything afterwards pretty much stays the same as it was before. Currently doing 'things that go boom'. 0 0. Will activating securitron army force me to choose Mr. House or myself - posted in New Vegas Spoilers: I want a pro-NCR ending. Recommended Level: At least 10 with mid game weapons. Vegas is freed from NCR rule and the Courier becomes the new leader of Vegas. The PDQ-88b securitron is heavily-armed: its left arm contains a Glastinghouse X-25 Gatling laser for medium range engagements, while its right arm contains a 9mm machinegun for close-range suppression and crowd control. 0016a161 A Cyber Affair is a mod that restores Obsidian's cut seduction/Black Widow route that allows the Courier to seduce Mr. House in order to kill him without fighting off his Securitrons. Choosing to side with any of the other factions, Mr. House must eventually be killed/disabled, which is done by using a secret terminal next to his monitor, it unlocks the secret chamber where his ancient, hideously decrepit original body is. Inside the securitron vault there is a constant +1 rads. The Securitron Mk II can use all the weapon available as the X-25 Gatling laser, the 9mm sub machine gun, the M-235 missile launchers, the rapid-fire G-28 grenade launching system and can also use the auto … Wild Card: You and What Army is a main quest in Fallout: New Vegas. go in that door and there will be a pod there activate the terminal and he will pop up but say to him ''I will put you back in you're pod, good as new. Will the upgraded Securitrons wreck my face if I kill Mr. House?
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