The neck or head shot can ruin a trophy so rule it out! This is why we recommend that you use the heaviest caliber rifle that you are comfortable shooting however if your confident with a smaller caliber for the medium sized animals then bring that along. Add to Likebox #129412335 - Beautiful make kudu in the wild. Price On Request. The high heart/lung shot is the ticket here. African Hunter Shot Placement App; African Hunter Shot Placement Guide ; Shot … Back to what is a 100% suitable cartridge for Africa big game (elk size) - deer size game here are called "medium" or "small": probably the best starting point is to look what the one-rifle meat hunter uses here. Kudu have a rather large area covering the vital organs for adequate shot placement. Quartering away shots When the animal is standing LEOPARD SHOT PLACEMENT. This shot effectively takes out the plumbing from the heart and your kudu will not go far. When the animal is standing broadside, simply aim at the center of … Kudu Shot Placement KUDU SHOT PLACEMENT Kudu Hunting Tip Horn tips pointing back usually indicate a young adult. Kudu shot placement You owe it to yourself and the animal to do everything possible to make a quick and ethical kill. At the shot the bull will partly fall into the bullet, correct himself, swing out right into the dense bush and will be dead within 20-50 yards. An arrow tucked behind the shoulder may be perfect placement for an Elk, but on most African animals will result a single lung or “paunch” hit. No part of this website may be reproduced for publication without written permission. Rhinoceros. If you hit a little bit higher you will take out the lungs. As for shot placement, I avoid heart shots on kudu – as I do for most African game – and go either straight up the leg (for a pinning shoulder shot), or, in ideal circumstances, for the neck. Post navigation Hunting Oryx in Namibia. Pick a spot several inches forward of where you would on a similar sized North American game animal. Know … Now available, the African Hunter Shot Placement Field Guide is A6 in size (147mm x 105mm: approx 5.7" x 4.1") and contains shot placement drawings for the 16 most commonly hunted big game and plains game species with Kudu Shot Placement. Price On Request. Instead, go for the high heart or lung shot. From $10,500. Lioness. KUDU SHOT PLACEMENT. On a broadside shot take aim a third way up the body in line with the front leg. An animal shot in the heart/lung area doesn’t react this way. Bulls weigh 190-270 kg (420-600 lb), with a maximum of 315 kg (694 lb), and stand up to 160 cm (63 in) tall at the shoulder. Shot placement. Here are the ones for the Kudu. SABLE SHOT PLACEMENT. Even if you are a bit too high, you’ll still take out the lungs. View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message User Join Date Aug 2010 Location Port Elizabeth Age 52 Posts 9,228. Kudu vital organs for shot placement. Oil painting. Cape Buffalo. Lion. At the white mark there is not even lung - no vital organ at all. © 2023 by Walkaway. Those radar antennae ears aimed at me do not miss any foreign sound so a loud safety catch is a liability. Jul 15, 2014 - Kudu Shot Placement Guide - Kudu Hunting Tip: Horn tips pointing back usually indicate a young adult. Shot placement is key when harvesting these great animals. Kudu are known for being very elusive and shy, so when you get a good shot on one, you’d better make it count. The minimum score under Safari Club International for an Eastern Cape kudu is 98. This shot should result in a high heart / lung shot leading to the kudu expiring in the least amount of time. Behind them is very dense bush and a lung shot will make for a challenging and time consuming follow-up. Supporter. When the animal is standing broadside, simply aim at the center of the shoulder, approximately one third of the way up the body (this goes for both rifle and bow hunters). All rights reserved. Similar Images . Big Five - South Africa. Come up the foreleg about a third of the body, then move the crosshairs just behind the leg. The 45" bull on the right is typically what the local meat hunter will go for. As a rule of thumb and with all other factors being equal, the quickest reference for shot placement on an animal standing in a broadside position is to go up on the front leg of the animal with the crosshair and to stop and take aim approximately one third up from the bottom of the animals chest. A wounded Cape buffalo, bushbuck, blue wildebeest, nyala and sable will do their best to kill you there. Kudu Shot Placement Guide - Kudu Hunting Tip: Horn tips pointing back usually indicate a young adult. Mature bulls have tips which point up or out More ideas for you Everything you did in preparation for the safari was in preparation for that one pull of the trigger. Kudu Shot Placement Luckily, Kudu aren’t particularly tough animals. The vitals of most African plains game sit further forward in their chest cavity than American big game. As with all African species, shot placement is vital when hunting for a trophy kudu. See more ideas about Africa hunting, Bow hunting, Hunting tips. Elephant.
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