Further,  Foster’s narration manages to build drama in the interactions of octopus,  crab,  lobster,  and octopus-eating pajama sharks without coming across as a latter day Marlon Perkins,  Jim Fowler,  Jeff Corwin,  or Steve Irwin,  whose presence in wildlife habitat tends to be exploitative,  no matter how many paeans they utter to leaving nature undisturbed. Octopus hides under shells. RELATED: Million Dollar Beach House: Everything To Know About Noel Roberts. (Netflix) 3. This builds toward the climactic chase,  in which the octopus employs one intelligent ruse after the next to evade a determined pyjama shark. Netflix Who is Craig Foster? We need to wake up to this. Hot Docs 2020 Women Directors: Meet Pippa Ehrlich – “My Octopus Teacher” My Octopus Teacher tells the story of a Capetonian film maker and free diver, Craig Foster who needed a break from a busy schedule that was taking its toll. Testimonials to the excellence of My Octopus Teacher come from,  among a multitude of others,  former American Humane Association film division director Gini Barrett,  who calls it “Wonderful! something that humans don't prioritize enough, 13 Subtle Signs Of Cheating You Would Probably Never Suspect, Meet The 9-Kid, No-Technology Plath Family Featured In New TLC Show 'Welcome To Plathville', 11 Best Amazon Music Playlists To Ask Alexa To Play For You Now, Why People Of All Ages Are Obsessed With Caden Woodall, A High School Football Player Who Went Viral On TikTok, Million Dollar Beach House: Everything To Know About Noel Roberts, speaking out for journalists around the world. Image: Craig Foster A new film, My Octopus Teacher, (to be released next year), explores his relationship with a young common octopus who was initially wary of him. So, there’s this documentary. After years of swimming every day in the freezing ocean at the tip of Africa, Craig Foster meets an unlikely teacher: a young octopus who displays remarkable curiosity. To this,  however,  Ellis added documentation of the repeated response of humans to encountering cephalopods:  “Kill the beast!”. The first wife of astronomer Carl Sagan,  Margulis after their divorce stepped out of Sagan’s shadow to become the leading scientific advocate for the importance of symbiosis,  or biological cooperation,  as an engine of evolution. My Octopus Teacher is easily one of the most beautiful films on Netflix right now. © 2020 by Tango Media Corporation All Rights Reserved. But it’s because of these priorities that we are not aware of what we have. Even though he followed this shy creature for almost 4 weeks, she completely evaded him. Who knows? In partnership with Off The Fence /ZDF Enterprises, My Octopus Teacher took ten years to make. "Through brilliantly vivid experiences Swati recounts fascinating insights into wildlife sighting and conservation efforts around the world, covering a wide array of wildlife including tigers and gorillas, lions and elephants, sloth bears, sea turtles and sharks, crocodiles, pelicans and penguins.". 'And then you start thinking like an octopus.' “The rib cage of the museum specimen shows damage, as if something — perhaps the tentacles of a giant deep-sea monster? It was when filmmaker Craig Foster said, 'I needed to learn everything.' Nicole Pomarico is an entertainment and lifestyle writer whose work has appeared in Cosmo, Us Weekly, Refinery29, and more. Some kill cephalopods for science,  some for perceived sale value,  some to eat,  some for bait,  some for dog food,  some for sheer sport,  and some as an imagined threat,  though there is no authenticated record of a cephalopod,  even a giant squid,  ever harming any person. Two, it’s not about sex at all. (Beth Clifton photo). Pyjama sharks & octopus. The star is not really the octopus,  whose part over a 10-year time frame must have been played by many octopi,  even if the story line remains true to the history of Foster’s first octopus friend. The size and shape of a giant squid,  Ellis argued,  tends to be so unfamiliar to most viewers that partial views are easily misread. My Octopus Teacher isn't the first film that Foster and Thiyagarajan have worked on together. Craig Foster swims with the octopus. “My Octopus Teacher” appears to be a far more positive view of wildlife which might inspire viewers to want to protect the animals depicted. None of that,  though,  is what makes My Octopus Teacher a uniquely compelling film. Turning to a life-long passion for snorkelling in the kelp forest in Cape Town near Camps Bay; he develops a relationship with an octopus. Documentary "My Octopus Teacher", which reinforces the importance of staying in touch with nature, has won the founder's prize at the ninth tve Global Sustainability Film Awards. But the McMenamins have a history of being a bit ahead of the curve,  including in finding paleontological support for the theories of Lynn Margulis (1938-2011). 2 Sep 2020: ODs Around the World: Netflix’s first original South African documentary, My Octopus Teacher is the true story of a man who falls in love with a mollusc, and how that mollusc, in turn, helps him connect more deeply with his own humanity. Though she's originally from India, she currently lives in the Cape Town, South Africa area, and frequently writes blog posts about the climate, animals, and her own works for the website while advocating for causes to protect these animals' habitats at the same time. Who Are The Food God Judges On 'Crazy Delicious' On Netflix. His son has become interested in “everything underwater.” Craig has a son named Tom, and Craig has enjoyed showing his son the “wonders of nature.” Craig noted that Tom is a “very powerful swimmer.” 4. (Beth Clifton collage), In the kelp forest,  summarizes the Netflix publicity for My Octopus Teacher,  Foster became acquainted with “a young octopus who displays remarkable curiosity. Filed Under: Book & film reviews, Culture & Animals, Feature Home Bottom, Marine life, Other species, Wildlife Tagged With: Beth Clifton, Craig Foster, Jack London, James Reed, Jules Verne, Merritt Clifton, Pippa Erlich. "It’s our greatest blessing and our home. My Octopus Teacher, a feature documentary, by Craig Foster, Pippa Ehrlich and James Reed, follows the story of Craig’s year with a wild octopus. Maybe with success on Netflix, they'll end up working together even more in the future. Craig Foster – The Octopus Teacher and the Origin of Man. Reconnection, our only way forward.". Swati Thiyagarajan and Craig Foster on their wedding (Source: Swati’s Facebook) However, Swati is his second wife. South African filmmaker Craig Foster owes more to Jack London,  though,  than to either Disney or Verne,  or anyone else who has produced literature of any sort centering on creatures with tentacles. It’s about a year Foster spent diving off the coast of South Africa into a kelp forest, where he gained the trust of a wild octopus that taught him about its life and his own. Craig Foster’s octopus documentary came along at a good time. But those cephalopods who did,  like the common octopus depicted in My Octopus Teacher,  included those who learned how to sometimes reach out and shake hands with a stranger,  in agreement that a friend would not become a meal. Summarized Pappas,  “Next to the ichthyosaur was a debris pile of scattered bones that were no longer in their proper place in the skeleton. "Look at the main topics of conversation these days — politics, economics, terrorism, besides the Bollywood news and gossip," she said. During that time Foster produced a book,  Sea Change – Primal Joy and the Art of Underwater Tracking;  co-founded the Sea Change Project,  a nonprofit organization focused on protecting the kelp forest;  and identified eight shrimp species previously not scientifically catalogued,  including Heteromysis Fosteri,  named for himself. A 1993 Anderson and Mather’ paper entitled “Personalities of Octopuses,”  published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Comparative Psychology,   was not only the “first-ever documentation of personality in invertebrates,”  Siebert wrote.