‘OJT shall cover a cross section of tasks acceptable to the competent authority’. In addition the applicant will have to comply with the additional experience requirements for the new (sub)category sought, as detailed in Appendix IV to Part-66. The principles on how to perform the competence assessments are given in the AMCs to Part-66, Appendix III. The form 19 shall be submitted to the Member States together with evidence of compliance with the requirements. EASA Part 66 Category 'B' Module 9 - Human Factors. and be adapted to the privilege of each licence category / subcategory as defined in 66.A.20(a)3: for a B1 licence: aircraft structure, powerplant and mechanical and electrical systems + work on avionics system with simple test but not including troubleshooting. An application for amendment or renewal of a Part-66 aircraft maintenance licence shall be made to the competent authority of the member states who issued the licence. 4.3    Information-processing EASA Part 66 Category 'B' Module 1 - Mathematics. Furthermore aircraft maintenance experience gained outside a civil aircraft maintenance environment may include aircraft maintenance experience gained in armed forces, coast guards, police, etc., or in aircraft manufacturing. Self study. 4.13  Alcohol, medication, drugs Each lesson contains many hours of video, lead by a professional instructor with over 20 years of practical experience in the aviation maintenance field. Apprenticeship. Please note that none of the bilateral agreements between the EU and third countries (at present US, Canada, Brazil and China) have the maintenance licences in their scope. Demonstration of experience should be made on the particular or similar aircraft and the definition of a ‘similar’ aircraft is provided in the AMC to 66.A.20(b)2. To confirm the completion of the required diversity and quantity of OJT, based on the supervisor(s) reports and feedback. However, it is on the competent authority to evaluate whether this experience is acceptable. Subscribe (FREE) « Prev. Module 2 - Physics. The 12-month additional civil maintenance experience average  (as per AMC 66.A.30(e)), has been agreed by the Member States and accepted as a standard way to demonstrate compliance with the rule to achieve mutual recognition and adequate degree of standardisation. meet the provisions for the issue of appropriate privileges, which means: going to a type-training course again, including OJT as necessary, or. Skip Compliance Training. Self study. No Part-147 Certificate of Recognition can be issued for the purpose of the mutual recognition[1] between Member States. Department Civil Aviation Malaysia verify aircraft engineer licence applications. There are 2 main stages required to achieve your AML. The second scheme applies to other than Group 1 aircraft (B1 and B2 licence categories). Sphaera provides a complete range of training material for EASA Part 66 including study material (in the form of traditional printed books or electronic downloads) and highly interactive computer based training (CBT) to support instructor delivery in the classroom. Subpart F, FAR-145, etc.) Interactive Classroom CBT for EASA Part-66 Aircraft Maintenance Training and Groundschool. Combination (Multiple methods) Combination (Multiple methods) All Aviation Courses. The International Centre for Aerospace Training (ICAT) is a world leading training provider, with a reputation for innovative solutions. As part of your application process, we will be asking you a few questions to establish if you are eligible for funding as part of this apprenticeship. The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) conducts electronic examinations for EASA Part-66 professional Aircraft Maintenance Licences. In company. View B1 Package View B2 Package View CBT. This option should normally be considered by organisations and not by individuals. Such a comparison has not been yet done once and for all in Commission Regulation (EU) No 1321/2014 due to the different potential cases (wide diversity of (sub)categories). This is described in AMC 66.B.115(c) states that “in the case where the licensing competent authority is different from the competent authority of the maintenance organisation which provides the OJT, your licensing authority may take into consideration the fact that the maintenance organisation has the OJT programme already accepted by their own competent authority (through chapter 3.15 of the MOE, as described in AMC 145.A.70(a))”. Self study. Home; Questions Training; Books Store; Video Training; Forum; My Account; EASA PART 66 Video Training.