Regeneration. See also sMax. He has since been moved to the Wretched Sands and renamed Xaxax. Thunder Slam, Titan Strike, Time Strike or Terror Strike. (LC0 has been removed). what is K3K? Vitality. (Not Median-only) The game which Median has modified. Kurast 3000 BA is a Nephalem Rift accessible via a portal located in the Torajan Jungles. All Attributes. #1 9 months. A.k.a. Similar to Way of the Gryphon, except with fire damage instead, and not an uberskill. Inarius is the name of the Summoning Uberquest on the same location and the boss is Inarius' ghost (also refered to as just Inarius). Drops from the boss - Master Control System. OR Forum Gold. Can refer to the Summoning Uberquest boss Zorun Tzin too ("Secret" Chry). Short for '#% chance of finding better magic items'. Timered. Black Road Challenge. Inarius is the boss. Originated in Starcraft, where pressing Ctrl+Q+Q immediately exits the program. Teleports you and minions/hireling/totems to a targeted minion. Going to take a break and go more tomorrow. A Barbarian uberskill which increases your total defense rating by #% * # of runes in socketed into your equipment. I like the orbing amulet and rings idea. Releases homing spikes around targeted minion. Usually used when negotiating a trade. The 'upvote' or 'like' on the forum, usually seen by the green-red stripe to the right of a post, or the "Cookie" label under a user's avatar/name. It also adds flat fire/cold/light elemental if the player already has those elemental damage from another source. Storm Crows. Replaced by Firedance. The skill granted to the Paladin for completing the Ennead Challenge. Originally (ex-)Secret Sacred Uniques. Bartuc is the boss. I’m running a Summon Din. The first is an oskill that sacrifices a target minion to create a weapon-damage shock nova. Der Mittelwert als Median und arithmetischer Mittelwert findet auch unter den Bezeichnungen Mittel oder Durchschnitt Verwendung. Primary attribute that helps with hitting, avoid being hit, increases the damage of some weapons (mostly ranged) and is required to wear some items. Wychwind. Second is the innate Amazon skill, which boosts elemental and weapon damage. The % of a weapon's damage that a skill does, e.g. Die Tabelle errechnet die Werte automatisch. An Assassin uberskill which improves the damage of lightning spells, and adds bonus lightning damage to the character's weapon (or fist). Strength Beyond Strength. Du musst dich registrieren, bevor du Beiträge verfassen kannst. Increases your spell damage. You should be able to get through most of the non-uberquest parts of Hell with tiered uniques that suite your build uptiered to max, and maybe some items orbed for resistances (I usually use some trashy ammy/rings with low level req and fill them up with resistances, your mileage may vary if you've actually found some useful jewelry early on), To make or upgrade tiered unique gear, look in the documentation at the recipe list, Any unique item + Catalyst of Disenchantment → Arcane Shards + Catalyst of Disenchantment, Any non-sacred item + Oil of Enhancement + Arcane Crystal x2 → reroll item as unique, Non-sacred weapon/armor + Arcane Crystal → reroll as next higher tier. Vizjun Dungeon Uberquest boss. An Assassin skill. There are 5 sunstones, all related to same map: Level Challenge 1 or Tran Athulua uberquest. :mod: Patch 1.F9b ist draußen. Reduces poison length by a %. Du musst dich registrieren, bevor du Beiträge verfassen kannst. 0. Summons a Spirit of vengeance from a corpse. Prevents damage of the stated element and heals you for the stated amount (can be # or %). Blessed Life or Bloodlust. An item modifier, does what it says. Sometimes can be used to refer collectively to SU/SSU/SSSU items.