Rarity in the UK: Rare / Common. Flowers in a Vase. Upfest 2017 (174) 7.3. (f) The narcissus bulb fly Merodon … Use the zoom tool and … A large and noticeable hoverfly with pairs of upward curving creamy-white bars; known as the “Pied Hoverfly”. Marmalade Fly-Episyrphus … Pied hoverfly - Scaeva pyrastri. Sericomyia silentis - bog hoverfly. It can be recognised by it's dark abdomen with pairs of creamy-white curved bars. Syritta pipiens - thick-legged hoverfly. This hoverfly can be seen from May to October so keep your eyes peeled. Then I spotted one of the largest of our UK hoverflies, a Great Pied Hoverfly (Volucella pellucens) on some more shaded brambles. May to November, peaking in August. Myathropa florea. Buy hoverfly metal prints from our community of independent artists. Africa Gomez I am a biologist interested in Evolution, Behaviour and Ecology based in Hull (U.K.). 30 Thursday Jul 2015. This species is very fast-moving, so quite difficult to photograph (from my personal experience!). Photo: Nicola Temple: As one would expect, near the end of the tour Steven begins to discuss some of the challenges that our pollinators face these days. The Pied Hoverfly is another large and fairly distinctive species of harmless fly growing to around 15mm in length. Mimics the social wasp. Migrates from mainland Europe to UK gardens and open country; numbers vary annually. Eristalis arbustorum. Pied Hoverfly. Hover-fly. Pied hoverfly At the higth of summer, I occasionally see this stunning hoverfly, the easy to recognise Scaeva pyrastri. Hoverfly (female top row, male bottom row)(Eupeodes corollae)(Argyll Caravan Park, Argyll and Patterton, South West Scotland) A very cute hoverfly which is smaller than most. Lesser Hornet Hoverfly - Volucella inanis - female - August 13th 2013. The Pied Hoverfly is a gardener's friend with adults feeding on nectar whilst the larvae feed on aphids. 40.6 x 30.7 cm ⏐ 16.0 x 12.1 in (300dpi) This image is not available for purchase in your country. Great Pied Hoverfly - Volucella pellucens - male - June 13th 2012. It was the day's highlight. Rachel Ruysch was another Dutch 17th-century artist who liked to fill her floral still lifes with insects. C025/9940. Not a new species for me, but I’d not seen one in this spot before. Medium-sized dronefly. Back. I ... mostly in and around my garden in the UK. Male Great pied hoverfly (Volucella pellucens) hovering in sunlight in a woodland ride at the heart of its territory, Wiltshire, UK, June. The hoverfly looks like a dangerous, stinging hornet but is actually harmless. BUY PRINT. Habitat…Urban gardens, wasteland, meadows throughout Great Britain. Very fast-moving. 5. Gallery of bee, fly, wasp, cranefly & hoverfly photos / images recorded in the backyard / garden in Gloucestershire, UK (e) The dronefly Eristalis tenax—a cosmopolitan honeybee mimic and highly migratory at least in Europe and the East Coast of North America. See more ideas about Hoverfly, Beneficial insects, Beneficial bugs. Search. I should have paid more attention and feeling suitably embarrassed I have now altered the post accordingly. Similar to Scaeva selenitica but markings are white & fall short of meeting the outer abdomen edges. I provide a technical support and parts service for the Ltl Acorn range of cameras and the income from this provides for the upkeep of this site and the purchase of cameras for my own surveying. Scaeva pyrastri can be found in gardens, meadows and wasteland and its numbers peak in August, sometimes being boosted by strong immigrations. With thousands of hoverfly metal prints to choose from, you're sure to find an incredible work of art to modernize any home or office. Found in gardens, meadows and wasteland and its numbers peak in August. I like to use photography to document animal behaviour. Text is available … I have been hooked on Natural History since I was a kid. A large hoverfly with distinctive oblique white bars on a black abdomen.