Must have fixed the fittings problem. The Virtual Weber Gas Grill … Share this: Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) ... Easy Cheap DIY Meat Smoker For Gas Grill – Tarasisko. These Weber Handles that had never been treated got a two part process. when installed great side up, the corners or edges hits the lid and prevents it from fully closing which allows a draft to come in and not contain the heat and smoke properly. Travel cross-country, or take the path leading directly to the beach. Essentially we split the shipping on returns. Weber stopped selling 18 inch kettles with the pot style enclosed ash catchers a long while ago and now ships them with the dish style ash catchers. July 2, 2017. You only pay to ship them back. My lid shut and you could hang off side. Cook up your favorite outdoor dish with the Weber® Go-Anywhere® Gas Grill! Once drilled feed the bolt through the drilled lid vent tab, then slide the lock washer and next the nut. Feb 14, 2020 - Explore Mac's board "Weber Grill Mods" on Pinterest. The only negative regarding the GrillGrates for this little Weber was that I had to buy the spatula with the grates. Everything now fits and is perfect for grilling without having to put on the wire grill grate that sent with the Char-Grill190. m MISE EN GARDE : POUR UNE UTILISATION EN EXTERIEUR UNIQUEMENT. (No whale butter dishes were harmed during testing). Light scuffing with some extra fine steel wool and wiping with damp rag between coats over a couple of days time. Stained and Spar Varnished vs Tung Oil On Untreated Wood Grill Handles, Weber Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill Vent Knob Mod, Mineral Oil and Bees Wax Finish For @WeberGrills Wood Handles, M10 Red Ball Vent Knob Modification For @WeberGrills, The Wife Decided She wanted In On The Act So Now We Have a Vintage Redhead @WeberGrills Herb Garden On The Deck, @SamuelAdamsBeer Special Edition @WeberGrills 18 Inch Mod From One-Touch Silver To One-Touch Gold and Wood Handles, $4.49 @WeberGrills Smokey Joe Lid Vent Knob Mod Instructions and Parts List, @WeberGrills EI Code Restoration Update 7/2/16, @WeberGrills EI Code Performer Restoration Project Update 7/1/16, STOK Cast Iron Grates On The Weber Performer, Captain Joe and Sons Wholesale Lobster Co, Greg and Will Bruggeman from Selden Kansas Create Roti Out of A Keg to Spin Thanksgiving Bird, Nice Premium Carry Bag For Weber Smokey Joe, Thermoworks Smoke is 20% off and my favorite remote BBQ Monitoring Thermometer, @WeberGrills Family Q 300 Reverse Sear Chairman Reserve Ribeye. The Go-Anywhere … $39.38. Started pilot hole by lining up the bolt on the vent and marking the middle with a much smaller drill bit. ***please be aware that if the lid of your grill has tabs to hang it from the back they may interfere with the lid closing completely***. Jason Hixon from Naperville, IL learned that charcoal grills were prohibited by city code in his apartment complex. It's Easy to Repair your BBQ and Gas Grill. Green Mountain Pellet Grills … 1-1/4 Diameter 1/4-20 Female thread general purpose ball knob. At BBQ World, it's our mission to provide top-quality products that are designed to last you a long time. it had never been cooked on. Worked out well using the STOK veggie basket insert to grill the brussell sprouts which were lightly coated in evoo , Atlantic Saltworks Salt and crushed black pepper. The grill marks were quite prominent, and the steak cooked quickly with the high temperature that was available in this unit. I ordered Grill Grates for my Smokey Joe and my Weber Go anywhere grills. I made a thick strip steak for my first cook using GGs on the little Weber, and, I was very pleased with the result. Go slow. He used brackets and I think these are called sheet metal screws to firm it up and then he spray painted over them with black. Replacement GrillGrate Set for Weber Go-Anywhere Grill, Gas & Charcoal Models. This is the grill I modified with the addition of the top vent knobs-. I have used them twice so far and I couldn't be happier with them. Four minutes with lid closed 387 degrees F. Fifteen minutes with lid closed 469 degrees F lid temp. Weber 1520 Go-Anywhere Gas Grill Parts Charcoal Lid Handle Kit Note: Includes Handle Top W/Logo & Top Screw, Handle Bottom W/Top Screw and 8-16 X 5/8 Phiilips Pan Head Screw, TRI, Zinz. Doing these things make it the Weber Grab and Go Anywhere grill! About a quarter of a chimney of coals and 12 coals on the charcoal grate will be the amount of coals we are using. #weber #weberkettleclub #ilovegrilling #365griller #weberforlife #foodporn #bbqporn, A post shared by Joey C (@captjoe06) on Mar 19, 2017 at 5:05am PDT. 21 Parts for this Model. Wanted to show some of the things I put in my Weber Go Anywhere grill that will make it even better as a portable charcoal grill. The Weber Go-Anywhere Gas Grill blends a small size with thoroughly decent … Bought these metal female threaded M10 stainless bolts on Amazon Link to purchase here. Made in the USA. Phone Toll Free 1-888-888-2414. 90 day money back guarantee: If you are not happy with your GrillGrates for any reason simply return them to us for a full refund. GrillGrates are the perfect fit for the Weber Go Anywhere grill. Watch. It seems to me like a bevel of the outer top edges of the grates would completely solve this problem. They must have fixed the fitting problem, Great grates but my lid won't fit while using them, Replacement GrillGrate Set for the Weber Summit 420, Replacement GrillGrate Set for the Weber Summit 460 & 470, Replacement GrillGrate Set for the Weber Summit Platinum, Replacement GrillGrate Set for Weber Spirit 200 Series, Replacement GrillGrates for 15" Older Weber Grills, Replacement GrillGrate Set for Weber Go-Anywhere Grill, Set Includes: (2) mitre cut 10” GrillGrate Panels and (1) standard 10” GrillGrate Panel, Assembled dimensions: 10” deep x 15.375” wide, Includes short handled GrateTool and User Guide, Please measure your grill to make sure this set will fit before ordering. The Go-Anywhere… BBQ mods. Worked great and fit perfect. $45.99. This set is a drop-in replacement for the stock Go Anywhere grates and fits both the charcoal and gas … The GrateTool is made in China. Overview; ... Buy a Weber Go Anywhere and do it properly. Weber Go-Anywhere Gas Bærbar Gasgrill - Se billigste pris hos PriceRunner Sammenlign priser fra 13 butikker Betal ikke for meget - SPAR på dit køb nu! We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. Lots of surface dirt and stains. I have 3 other weber kettles but they’re all overkill for a simple short cook for supper. Contact info for the 2 products I mention are below. Thread length/depth: 3/8″. Female insert machined to suit. Food cooks evenly and thoroughly. We used to pack these things in a box when we would take the boat out or stay overnight in a campground. With these grates, and an instant read thermometer, you can up your game beyond what you thought possible. Constructed from hard anodized aluminum, GrillGrates will never rust. GrillGrates are reversible interlocking panels, giving you two grilling surfaces; rails up or on the flat side. This set is a drop-in replacement for the stock Go Anywhere grates and fits both the charcoal and gas models. Our comprehensive range of grills and units feature the cream-of-the-crop, which includes Go Anywhere Weber … 99 Professional performance grates for Go Anywhere® Charcoal Grills. Purchased the GrillGrate to use on my Char-Grill 190. Here she is when I got started cleaning her up. The knobs are rated up to 400 degrees. It couldn’t be easier to apply. LP cylinder tank. GrillGrates are the perfect fit for the Weber Go Anywhere grill. Go Anywhere Gas Grill … I no longer worry about fires when grilling fatty meats. Weber "Go Anywhere" Awesome Charcoal Grill, Set up and Modifications source. Mounting diameter and threads per inch: 1/4-20. I had to modify my grill to accommodate the GrillGrate. #67184 - 10" X 16" Porcelain Cooking Grate, Weber Go Anywhere, "Gas" (Model Years 2014 and Newer) DETAILS #67195 - 10" X 16" Weber Go-Anywhere® Chrome Rod Cooking Grid (Replaces Old Part … I had to really look to even notice because it blended in. Please include TVWGG in the subject. Posted by Dan from Canada on Jun 24th 2020. I highly recommend GrillGrates for any grill you may have. Genesis and Summit are registered trademarks of Weber-Stephen Products LLC. Designed for use from the campsite to the backyard, this cooking unit features a push button igniter and is gas operated per a 14.1 oz. Weber's Go-Anywhere gas grill adds convenience to the fun of camping and tailgating. Here are some photos before and after with a couple of coats of Tung Oil over the course of two days. Here are my unscientific findings on a reverse sear ribeye test. I think I’ll pick up a bristled brush to scrub the grey plastic handles. One of each of the following that can be found at any self respecting Hardware Store. Once the smaller bit was through went through with a 3/8ths which was a perfect fit. I have an old wooden work bench that I covered with spar varnish and it’s holding up really well on my deck outdoors but it’s only been four months in direct sunlight. just have to get used to turning things over, tend to go too far, and push the grates to the rear, just need to pay more attn. Not having any idea how hot the lid would get I tested on a WGA that did no have the knobs installed, in case the lid got so hot it would ruin perfectly good knobs. I followed a tip rubbing an onion on the preheated grill to prevent sticking and it worked very well. *GrillGrate is not affiliated with Weber-Stephen Products LLC. A skewer mod … Parts Lists, Photos, Diagrams and Owners manuals. Next added the wood handles that master woodworker David Calvo made for me-, Testing out the new @webergrills lid vent knob mod on my Smokey Joe with a nice ribeye. What a nice surprise when I got to the dock this morning. The stacker is about 12 inches high with the possibility of inserting a skewer and the ability to install two cooking grates at different heights. You just can’t go wrong! The creator of Lover of all things Gloucester and Cape Ann. This mod can be done on any bare Weber vent. At Hometown Ace Bought M10 Stainless Bolt and Lock Washer. Another reason for going with the Tung oil being that the spar varnish in the sun outdoors over time will likely crack and need to be sanded to reapply whereas the Tung oil just need a rag to wipe them down with more Tung oil when they lose a little luster. Weber Go-Anywhere Gas Grill Review The 10″ x 16″ grilling surface on the Weber Go-Anywhere Gas Grill is portable but effective. Measures 7/8″ diameter by 2-41/64″ height. m ADVERTENCIA: SÓLO PARA USARSE AL AIRE LIBRE. The ash catcher assembly had a bit of a droop in the back so one of my fishermen had some shark fishing stainless steel 175lb leader wire so we snugged it up tight. After a couple of coats of Spar varnish they really pop with that wet look. Now everything we need is in a nice portable package. Mounting type: female insert. Go-Anywhere Series GO BIG, GO SMALL, GO ANYWHERE . Weber Charcoal Go-Anywhere Vent Knob Mod #wga #GloucesterMA #weberkettleclub #weberkettleclubaustralia #weberforlife #bbq #bbqporn #ilovegrilling #weber #grillmod … 1/4 inch drill bit. This one was Ace Hardware at Gloucester Crossing. This compact unit has a surprisingly generous grilling area--large enough to fit four medium steaks. Weber Smokey Mountain BBQ smoker Lid Hinge Mod Parts Kit WSM 18.5 22.5 - STEEL. She also came with a highly sought after laser cut Sam Adams logo grill grate which I stored away to keep pristine. The food had good flavor nice and juicy. The knobs are rated up to 400 degrees. Featured will be Weber grills that have been modified and customized. Here are the five Weber grills that I would avoid at all costs. Free shipping. Its really solid with the threaded rod and the brackets. Free shipping. Contact us at No flare ups, hotter more even cook temps and easy to clean. The reason for the test is because I modified on of my Charcoal Weber Go-Anywhere grills with top lid vent knobs. The only complaint I have is that the lid on my grill won't fit while the GrillGrates are in the grill. Next to get cleaning, a combination of scotchbrite pads, steel wool, water, dishwashing detergent and elbow grease. GMG where we bring you the very best our town has to offer because we love to share all the great news and believe that by promoting others in our community everyone wins. We reimburse the full amount including the shipping you paid on your original order. $451 degrees grill grate temp. Page 1 GAS GO-ANYWHERE 12.25 inch (32 cm) m WARNING: FOR OUTDOOR USE ONLY. Not having any idea how hot the lid … Here’s a link to purchase the knobs on Amazon-. If it works like the charcoal il be pretty pleased. m Do not build this model of grill … The push-button … Product description Ordered the Replacement GrillGrate Set for Weber Go-Anywhere Grill. The 14.5" size grid adds the finishing touch to your compact charcoal grill … So I soaked the ash catcher pot and went to work on the bowl and lid which both came out spotless. Last night it was brussel sprouts, mushroom and onion skewers and ribeyes on the 2009 Weber Performer Deluxe. Hongso PPI201 Porcelain Steel Replacement Flavorizer Bar for Weber Gas Go-Anywhere Grill, for Weber 9201 (14 11/16" Long), Aftermarket Replacements 4.5 out of 5 stars 96 $15.99 $ 15 . love this grill grate, fits my unknown port. I am looking forward to a long life of great grilling and would highly recommend this for any grill. The best grill “hack” of all might be learning the ins and … Anyone have a recommendation for a certain type brand? Strength, durability, and heat resistance are some of the benefits of this broad range of phenolic handle. See more ideas about Grill table, Weber grill, Bbq table. Weber's superior porcelain enamel coated lid and firebox will last long and comes with a 10 year warranty. Buy Genuine BBQ and Gas Grill Parts for Weber GO-ANYWHERE. Advertisement. we will report back at the end of the season. I’m really looking forward to her sauce with the basil in it. Lid temp before dumping the lit coals 82 degrees F, After dumping the coals, the temp of the lit coals registered 975 degrees F. Here’s the WGA set up for the reverse sear. He adapted parts from a Weber Go-Anywhere gas grill to create a gas-fired Weber 18-1/2″ One-Touch Silver kettle grill.By replacing the kettle lid with the WSM middle cooking section and lid, Jason’s kettle does double-duty as a gas-fired Weber … I got an old 18 inch ash catcher ring that I guess had been hanging in the back warehouse at Fosters Grill Store for a decade or so. GrillGrates - hi graeme get the uds done you won't need the wsm,i too have looked at the go anywhere and it seems like a good little grill but over here i think they are a little rare and hence over priced for what they are ,and weber … Love the shorter spatula too! Our seasoned cast iron grates are built to accommodate the Weber® Go Anywhere® Series. The Grill Grates totally revolutionize how I grill. gas grill, and not any flair ups !! Overall I like the look slightly of the Spar urethane but the ease of application on the untreated handles with Tung Oil is pretty tough to resist. Extremely versatile range of mountings. Sincfe I already have a spatula for my bigger gas grill, and do not plan to use the little Weber other than on my patio- I would have preferred the option of getting the grates w/o the spatula for a lower price. #67178 - Weber Go-Anywhere Portable Grill Valve/Regulator DETAILS #67610 - Complete "Natural Gas" (NG) Manifold Assembly, Genesis "310" (No Side Burner) Model Years 2008 To 2010 I'm using the Weber go anywhere propane grill. The main issue is the height of the grates As a general rule, Weber makes incredible grills. Click the button below to add the Replacement GrillGrate Set for Weber Go-Anywhere Grill to your wish list. I left both bottom vents wide open, the top vent over the coals closed and the top vent on the opposite side wide open. I may invest in a dremel tool with a buffer attachment and hit the ash catcher with some polish. Decided to swap out the standard Weber grates for the cast iron ones on the STOK. To A Weber Grillfella it would be obvious if you were focusing your attention at the base of the grill but I don’t think 99% of the population would think it was anything but standard. Also, along the sides of the grates there's about a 1-in gap so you lose about a 10 SQ in space of grilling surface. Owner: Prof Custom Grill: Weber Go Anywhere converted into a Weber Smoke Anywhere Story: Prof tried his skill at converting the WGA into a WSA . I think if I was going to have a show kettle or piece for indoors I’d go with the Spar Varnish going forward but for ease of application the Tung oil can’t be beat. structurally perfect but covered in dust and a dirty bowl with some caked on charcoal remnants. They are very high quality and they excel at what they are designed to do. Put them together and snapped it into place on the Sam Adams One-Touch Silver to turn it into a One-Touch Gold. Most owners of this grill are nuts about it. I think that if I use a washer between the knob which has a metal threaded insert and the vent tab that it will work out fine. Done. Next I pilfered the ash catcher pot off the beat up green One touch Premium that I found on a walk with the lovely Katelyn which will fit the ash catcher that I bought in the warehouse at Fosters. Definition of mods can be as simple as giving your grill a facelift with new colors and handles, or as elaborate as custom rotisserie builds, frame additions or rebuilds to your Performers/kettles, or custom built tables to attach to your grill. The Customs and Modifications! Jump To BUY Grates For Go Anywhere Charcoal Grill. Most came out. Weber's Go-Anywhere Portable Gas Grill has been copied by other BBQ manufacturers, but as usual, no one does it better. then just put everything through as shown and tightened. The reason for the test is because I modified on of my Charcoal Weber Go-Anywhere grills with top lid vent knobs. ... with a smoker its an utterly different type of cooking to a grill. Worked like they said. Learn Grill Masters’ Secrets. ! Three coats of Miniwax Helmsman Spar varnish. The little grooves are tough to get into to clean. Two coats of Miniwax Golden Pecan stain and then three coats of Spar Varnish. TRENDING: ... Weber “Go Anywhere” Awesome Charcoal Grill, Set up and Modifications source. Bought the gas version just waiting for flavor bars to arrive and see how it works.